LAMDA Examinations

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Telling Tales are now offering private acting lessons for those students who would like to work towards a recognised LAMDA qualification.

LAMDA is a Speech and Communications Board overseen by OFQUAL that offers exams resulting in qualifications in both Speech and Drama that are recognized around the world. You can find out more about LAMDA at their website:

Our qualified LAMDA Teacher Louise Russell will work with students one of the following LAMDA Exams:

    •    Acting

    •    Speaking Verse and Prose

    •    Public Speaking

    •    Reading for Performance

LAMDA Exams run from Grades 1 to 8, like music grades. Below Grade 1, there is an Entry Level. For the very young, there are three Introductory Exams.

Louise has had many years of experience as a professional actor and drama teacher and has taught the LAMDA Exams syllabus for a number of years with wonderful results.

We recommend LAMDA Exam classes to primary students who:

    •    struggle with confidence

    •    need to work on their English

    •    have a gift for drama

We recommend LAMDA Exam classes to secondary students who:

    •    are keen actors and want to polish their performance skills and prepare for Drama school auditions

    •    love drama but do not necessarily want to take a drama GCSE or A Level

    •    are less likely to gain high grades in mainstream subjects and want to increase their chances of getting a good college or university place. LAMDA Exams gain UCAS points.

    •    perform well academically but need to improve self-presentation skills and gain confidence at speaking in public. Presenting work in seminars is an increasingly important component of university education.

Students may participate in LAMDA Exam classes individually, in pairs or in groups of three, depending on their age and the exam they wish to enter.


Over 10 lessons, students will work with their LAMDA teacher towards an exam subject of their choice. Each lesson lasts 1 hour. Exams are then taken at a Public LAMDA centre.


Well, everybody is different and that means a different programme is created for each child. On average, a solo candidate will look to take two exams a year.


The cost for a set of ten lessons is listed below. The cost varies depending on class size. Please note that classes in pairs and threes may not be available.

Price per term (10 sessions):

For a student taking part in a private one to one class: £300 

For a student taking part in classes with one other student: £200 

For a student taking part in classes with two other students: £150

In addition, there is an examination fee to be made directly to LAMDA. The cost of this will depend on the exam being taken. Exam costs range from £30 to £80.

To book email with your telephone number and the age of the prospective student, and we’ll arrange a phone call to discuss the best plan for your child.